About Adrianna's Catering

    Catering is about more than just food.

    It is about telling stories, sharing memories and creating the perfect complement for gatherings of family members, close friends and even strangers.

    Adrianna Catering is dedicated to providing a variety of culinary delights for every occasion at a budget that meets your needs and style. No matter your taste, from Mediterranean & Eastern European, German, Italian, Moroccan to American-style, Adrianna Catering will serve up a delicious, engaging and thoughtful spread.

    Planning the Menu, Setting the Stage

    Adrianna sits down with customers to determine the appropriate recipes, courses and layout for events. From weddings, to christenings and funeral luncheons, to charity and networking events, Adrianna Catering attends each event to guarantee that everything is just as it should be.

    Tell us your story. Become a part of ours.

    Speaking more than four languages, and having grown up in Eastern Europe, Jadranka Von Koprivnjak-Stojcic has a rich history of cooking, baking and storytelling. Her culinary creations seek to incorporate the stories and memories appropriate for each event, be it a celebration or honorarium.